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MMD Digital specialise in AdWords PPC Management with a 100% ROI focus.

It's all about how much money you make from your AdWords not how many clicks you get.

Most AdWords companies have got it wrong!

  • We work with you to determine the most effective high ranking keywords that will drive quality leads to your website. 
  • We draw on your knowledge to determine the audience of your ad, so your ad appears in search results of your target demographics.
  • We listen to you regarding the relevant locations that you would like your business to service and tailor your campaign to reach searches within those geographic locations.
  • We assist you with setting a realistic budget that will achieve your PPC objectives.
  • We assist you with writing your ad using the most effective phrases to elicit the desired response.


It is important to remember that PPC campaigns are not set and forget. 

Google is ever changing including AdWords – a business needs to keep one step ahead of their competitors with a flexible PPC strategy.   We constantly monitor and adjust your campaign for optimum performance.


The competitive nature of your industry has a direct impact on the keyword cost per click (CPC) and therefore the return on investment (ROI). 

We scrutinise your bid prices and the competitiveness of the industry and adjust your bid prices accordingly to give you the best value for money and the highest number of click throughs for the campaign budget. 


People are using mobile devices almost as much as desktop devices and as such it is vital that you have a mobile strategy for your business.


If you want to get specific about what your ads are achieving there is the option of using a unique phone number (1300) in your PPC ad. We can tailor your Google Analytics to report on the number of times the phone number is utilised on mobile phones & tablets. Now you can track click throughs to your website as well as calls received as a direct result of the ad.

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